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I am feeling so giddy that we are getting so close to engagement season, well I mean I guess technically we are in it now. YAY! One of the first things couples feel obligated to cross off their to-do list is to register for wedding gifts. This is one of those really fun things that you can knock out together that shouldn't cause stress. I remember doing this myself a few years back with my hubby taking funny photos with those scary looking scanner guns. I wish I had someone back then to share some registry hacks with us to get us through the process efficiently and quickly. Because here's the truth, the first store is fun. The second store still holds some potential and there are still smiles all around. BUT, by the time you hit the third and fourth store you both have headaches and you will hit your ultimate breaking point. When you hit this point 5 or 6 hours later you will give up for your own sanity. 

So I am sharing a quick list of hacks to use as you go shop either in person or online to avoid these feelings and make it easier and more tolerable for you both. These hacks will also help to create a more streamline shopping process for your guests which in all honesty helps you increase your chances of receiving those gifts that make your heart skip a beat that you really want! 

  • If wedding registries make you uncomfortable and you already live together and don't feel like you need much to start your life together consider asking your guests to donate to your favorite charity instead, and don't forget to include a link to the charity of your choice on your wedding website! 
  • Having a hard time figuring out how many high end items and budget friendly items to add? Use these awesome charts from Squirrelly Minds and save them on your phone or print for shopping in person! 
  • Do your guests and yourselves a huge favor and choose stores that you know offer lots of deals and coupons. Wedding Attendees LOVE this! We all know that if people feel like they are getting a deal for something then they are more likely to purchase more! 
  • Don't feel pressured by family, friends or even store employees to register for items you don't want. Those will be the items you stick in the top of the closet and never use. So be realistic and true to yourself.
  • Add personalized notes on your registry explaining why you need certain items and how they fit into your life style. Taking that extra step may sway your guests into spending a little extra to get you something that you see as important.
  • Collect those perks! Quite a few stores like Target offer couples "special gifts" as well as coupons & gift cards to stock up. Take advantage of that! If you register at Crate & Barrel they are currently giving couples two stemless wine glasses in a linen bag, Swanky!! 
  • If you register at Bed, Bath & Beyond check out their freebook. Then if guests buy certain brands you'll receive a gift. Also, consider attending a rock your registry event and receive a free goodie bag.
  • Merge registries from multiple stores on
  • Keep in mind that you can add virtually anything to an Amazon Registry, and most of the time its a lot cheaper then in stores! You could also visit stores and use the Amazon Registry App to scan items and find them at the cheapest price! 
  • Some stores offer a group gifting feature with your online listing. Turn it on, and use it! This allows guests to join in on big gifts easily. 
  • Use Honeyfund if you would like guests to contribute to honeymoon airfare, lodging or excursions. 
  • Make sure to let parents & bridal party members know where you are registered and share the links with them so they can pass these along to your guests. Also include links on your wedding website. 
  • Take advantage of completion offers! Most stores offer discounts between 10 - 20% off of any items left on your registry that you want to purchase! 
  • Most registry sites (excluding Target & Bed Bath and Beyond) will compile a thank you card list so check for this feature and use it to make things easier after the wedding. 

Photo: Hannah Forsberg