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Christmas is right around the corner and most of us look forward to quality time with the ones we love. But one of the things that we often don't think about is making time for ourselves while resting & recharging before heading into the New Year. Whether you are engaged and planning your wedding or a creative who's wedding season picks up in the spring setting aside time to do things that fire you up is crucial for kicking off 2017! 

Now of course spending time with family is something we all love to do, but making time to reflect on the last year and doing things that lighten your mood are equally as important. We talked about this at the last Rising Tide Society meet up and it inspired me to share a list of ideas for recharging during the winter:

  • Baking, and this time of year making christmas cookies + desserts! 
  • Spending time with your pets (cuddling, playing, taking a walk etc.) 
  • Reading a book by the fire
  • Styling your home with winter decor and florals (I just love this one) 
  • Take a class (cooking, art, crafts etc.) 
  • Get together with friends to reflect on 2016
  • Shop at your favorite stores and take advantage of the after christmas sales
  • Use a citrus scented essential oil for a pick me up 
  • Take a hot bubble bath
  • Meditate
  • Take a winter walk and enjoy the scenery
  • Light a christmas scented candle
  • Lounge in comfy socks while watching christmas movies
  • Make a special dinner with your honey 
  • Brainstorm about your goals for next year
  • Make yourself a christmasy cup of tea
  • Volunteer and make a difference in someone else's life 
  • Write someone who inspires you a letter with encouraging words
  • Go see a show
  • Try your hand at a Pinterest worthy craft
  • Declutter your home for a fresh start
  • Get a massage at your local spa
  • Go for a run or try a PureBarre class
  • Gather inspiration for your wedding, home etc.

What fires you up? 

Ask yourself this question during the holidays. Think about what helps you rest and de-stress. What gives you a sense of positivity? Remember that taking care of yourself is the first step to success and self love fuels us all!