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One of my favorite things to do as a creative entrepreneur each month is attend the Rising Tide Society's Tuesday's Together Meetup. I always walk away feeling so motivated and empowered which is a welcomed change in an industry that can sometimes feel lonely & competitive.

A little about the Rising Tide Society...

The Rising Tide Society is a community for creatives that come together to transform the  industry while gaining knowledge and learning from one another. Each member strives to live the concept "Community over Competition", that Rising Tide founder Natalie Franke worked so hard at creating. This community serves individuals from all creative backgrounds including photographers, designers, bakers, boutique owners & artists. The society is also dedicated to providing affordable education for entrepreneurs and small business owners by hosting challenges, webinars & monthly learning material. 

A little about Tuesdays Together...

Tuesday's Together is a monthly meeting that falls on the second Tuesday of every month in  various cities around the country (check out their locations to find a meet up near you). Each meeting includes networking time before the program gets started. This helps you get to know or catch up with fellow creatives from your area. The presentation is always centered around the monthly topic. Examples of previous topics include: client experience, pricing, accounting + bookkeeping & public relations. I always feel as though I walk away with realization and friendship. 

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How to Prepare for Tuesdays Together Meet Up

  • If you aren't already a member of the Rising Tide Society Facebook group & your local Tuesdays Together Facebook group be sure to join before attending your first event! 
  • Make sure you also join the Rising Tide Database to receive monthly topic information and to keep up with challenges and webinars! 
  • Once you become a member of your local groups page be sure to introduce yourself and tell everyone a little about what you do. This is the first step at meeting new friends and connections. 
  • Once the monthly event is posted in the group be sure to RSVP so you are included in the list of attendees if you plan on going. 
  • Be sure to use the list of attendees for networking before you go. Take an extra step to look up each individual attending to see who you really want to get to know. Get a feel for their websites, social media accounts. Follow them and reach out! See if they are available to possibly meet before or after the meeting. 
  • Get to know the Admins of the group who will be able to answer any of your questions, and serve as an awesome contact. Carrie Joy Osborne with Carrie Joy Photography is the Admin of the Tuesdays Together meetings that I attend in Marietta, GA and she is just the sweetest thing!
  • Print the topic material either from your email or from the group page to read and fill out beforehand. This will help you engage more on the day of, and will prevent you from feeling overwhelmed with information. 
  •  Bring your planner or have your phones calendar up to date to possibly plan collaborations or future meetings during the event. 
  • Make sure you have plenty of business cards on hand! 
  • Enjoy and don't be nervous, these meetings are very informal and the admins do a great job of making everyone feel comfortable. This is all about taking that extra step each month to better yourself and your business and that should be your focus! 

Photography: Carrie Joy Photography