I felt inspired to write this post today since I have quite a few couples heading out to their honeymoons after their stunning spring weddings...and I'm not gonna lie, i've been counting down the days to my own vacation too. We have had such a blessed month full of fun celebrations and packed weeks but my husband and I are looking forward to reconnecting and having some down time in Punta Cana together soon. I don't know about you but I can just feel the sun, and taste those fruity drinks with the funky straws already! 

To our brides who are almost ready to jet-set, this post is a great follow up to the Detailed I Do's Honeymoon Packing List that you have been provided! 

Go through your packing list + plan ahead

A few weeks before the wedding read over your packing list making any essential notes on key items you may want to bring. Make sure you launder or dry-clean everything well in advance to avoid any last minute emergencies or stress. Trust me, you will be dealing with a lot of nerves leading up to your special day and you don't want to add to that by waiting till the last minute to try on that swimwear that has not touched your body in years! Also always investigate your airline carrier's baggage rules and travel/health advisories for your destination as far in advance as possible.

Pack light + smart

Pack light by choosing mix and match, neutral apparel. Buy Sample sizes of your favorite toiletries and wrap them in plastic to contain any possible leaks. What should you do with that nice silky dress you are wearing to dinner your first night on the island? Roll it up along with all your other dressier items to prevent wrinkling and to save space. Also put any heavier items in the bottom of your bag to prevent tipping.

Have a footwear strategy

Statistics show that most couples go somewhere tropical on their honeymoon, and if you are following trend you should be able to live in flip-flops most of the week while you lounge on the sand. I would also suggest bringing one pair of wedges or dress sandals for that romantic stroll on the beach or candlelit dinner. Shoes are heavy to travel with though so resist the urge to go overboard. And please don't bring shoes you haven't broken in yet or you will just be miserable! All inclusive resorts usually sit on a lot of land which means even though you may not think about it you will be doing a lot of walking.

Be prepared for the worst

You may not want to think about the what if's , but getting sick on your honeymoon is the lowest of the low so take every precaution you can to be prepared. Stockpile over the counter med's, sunscreen, bug spray, aloe, and tissues. This should get you through most disasters. 

Also make sure to get any necessary vaccinations needed well in advance of traveling, just in case you have a reaction. 

Plan for lost luggage

Be smart and divide both of your belongings between two bags. This way, if one of your suitcases goes missing or gets lost you still have clothes to get you through a few days at the resort. Or you could each bring a large carry-on bag of your own essentials and then share one large checked bag. 

Think of the little things

It may be best to remove your ring during certain resorts activities or city visits (some resorts even require removal of jewelry before excursions) so make sure to bring a small box to place these in before heading out for your day of fun. And don't forget to place that box in the personal room safe too! 

Stay off the grid

Your honeymoon is a rare moment in life for the both of you to just be together and enjoy each others company. Either leave your tablet/laptop in the room or better yet don't bring them at all! Instead of bringing your iPhone with you everywhere you go to capture  those special moments, do yourself a favor and invest in a good camera instead.