With Pinterest being so prevalent in the wedding planning world today couples often start putting together their inspiration the second they get engaged or even months before. Even though you may not want to admit it ladies, I know you've been pinning to that dream wedding board way before he even knew you had one! But even with all of those drop dead gorgeous real weddings you are stalking it can be really hard to start off with the basics and choose a color scheme. 

 Photo by Bri McDaniel Photography

Photo by Bri McDaniel Photography

Drawing from your Inspiration

Before researching wedding colors on Google or running out to Home Depot for swatches let your design concept and style dictate your selection. Look over your pins or inspiration and recognize your color pattern or those colors you seem to be drawn to. Then take these colors and play around with creating a few color combinations. 

Consider your Venue

Please, please, please consider the colors that are seen within your venue, or the space you will be using for your ceremony and reception. It is so important to choose a combination that complements the space instead of clashing with it. This is one of the biggest mistakes that brides make when starting the planning process. Just keep in mind that no matter how much money you spend on linens or how extravagant your floral arrangements are, if your colors don't work well in the space it will still look odd to your guests and in your photos. If you have a palette you definitely want to incorporate while searching for a venue, be sure to keep this in mind during your site visits and while making that decision too. Think about the carpet in the space, the window treatments and the light fixtures and draw from these elements! 

Be Bold

Don't be afraid to be bold and incorporate a favorite color or two even if you haven't seen them at other weddings or online. Just go for it! A few unique colors can take any event from average to elegant. Open your closet, are there any fun colors you love wearing out? Take that as a sign to possibly sneak that into your special day.

Consider the Color Wheel

It doesn't take a rocket scientist or someone with a fine art degree to consider the color wheel while picking a palette. But of course there are some basic principles to follow. Typically colors that go really well together are opposites on the color wheel because they are pairing a cool and warm tone. Other color pairings that work are called "neighbors" that are similar and share a primary color. A easy way to build your scheme would be pairing a bright saturated color with a neutral. 

Here are some other tips I give my clients when selecting color palette's : 

1. Always have at least one neutral color that you can build off of like ivory, white, tan or blush. These colors work great with stationery designs, linens, and floral designs. 

2. Try not to choose more then 4 colors for your color scheme. After 4 colors your vision can become a little confusing and complicated.

3. Keep in mind that not everything you order or add will match even if they are listed as the same color. Sometimes you may buy one pale blue item and then order another pale blue item somewhere else and they may be a shade off from one another. This is totally fine, just do your best to coordinate and no one will notice when the candles are lit and the bar is open. 

Don't overlook this part of your planning, even though it does seem minimal it is a very important! Once we assist you with choosing your perfect palette we will take it one step further to create a unique mood board for your event that all of your vendors can work from so we are all on the same page. Feel free to reach out and learn more about our design process!