Atlanta Wedding Planner

Photo by: Hannah Forsberg

Introducing this lovely lady is hard, I literally feel like I could go on forever and I'm sure that those who have had the pleasure of meeting her would agree. 

Christine graduated from Georgia College & State University with a BA in Mass Communication, and then accepted a job with Hilton Hotels that officially kicked off her love affair with weddings. She spent five years as a Catering Manager working on hundreds of weddings within the hotel industry. But she found herself craving the ability to work with clients on a more intimate level. In an effort to pursue her dream and passion she began assisting our team with weddings three years ago.  We welcomed her with open arms this spring as an Associate Planner and full-time team member and could not be more thrilled! 

She thrives on execution of a finely crafted plan and she's a sucker for all things floral design. With each couple she works with, it is her goal to truly understand both personalities so that their wedding day is a beautiful reflection of their relationship. 

She is a wife to her college sweetheart, a dog mom, sister. aunt & loyal friend. She was born and raised in Marietta, Georgia which is why her soul craves all things southern hospitality. When not working weddings, you can find her trying new recipes & restaurants, or hosting intimate gatherings with friends and loved ones (because she can never fully turn off the planning). 

Some of her favorite things include:

  • Slow mornings snuggled on the couch with my husband & our one year old yorkie poo Sadie Hawkins with a cup of good coffee
  • Watching the Food Network or sifting through cook books
  • Chats with girlfriends, because there is nothing like a good girlfriend to give you perspective and keep you centered
  • Spending time with my family and sisters
  • A good masculine candle, I have a shelf in her linen closet dedicated to them. Once one burns out it is quickly replaced! 
atlanta wedding planning

Photo by: Diana Lupu Photography

Favorite Cocktail? 

If you know me you know that one of my favorite things to do is craft new cocktails. Right now I am really loving a Bees Knees. I make it with my Uncle Val's Botanical Gin, fresh squeezed lemon juice & agave. My secret to the perfect cocktail is to squeeze your own fruit juice, it makes all the difference! 

Favorite Wedding Flower? 

It may be cliche, but I adore roses. A lot of people are turned off by roses because the first thing that comes to mind are what you see in the grocery store, but there are so many unique varieties of roses. Garden roses are at the top of my list, but did you know there are roses called “Wedding Day,” “Love Song,” and “Pure Bliss.” My florist incorporated the “Christine” rose in to my wedding bouquet as a special surprise.

Favorite Part of A Wedding Day? 

I love the final moments before the ceremony begins. The bridal party always has little jitters that amplify all of their emotions surrounding the day. Even if a bride or groom have a first look, there is the anticipation of seeing each other at the end of the aisle and knowing that all of the work that has been put in to the day has finally all come together.

Favorite Wedding Song? 

“Can’t Help Falling in Love” by Elvis is a classic. Whether it is his version or a cover, it is always sang with so much emotion that is sure to bring a tear to my eyes. Bonus points for any groom spotted whispering the words in to his bride’s ear.

Christine is looking forward to sharing her knowledge, inspiring others with her beautiful designs & logistical skills, getting to know our friendors, and of course making new connections!