I was born in Pennsylvania but was raised in Georgia and feel as though I have a southern drawl. Lessons from my parents, a BA in management, and working for Hilton have crafted me into a confident and joyful Atlanta Wedding Planner. You can trust me to be organized, creative, and reliable from the moment we meet. 

I live for a mixture of vintage and modern eclectic styling, entertaining & gardening. I love celebrating life and snuggling up to my hubby & fur babies. Inspirational words, the ocean & the natural wonder of sunset calm my soul.  I have a genuine appreciation of art, creativity, and I have a natural curiosity about the world. I look forward to Sunday brunch, trips to Disney World & finding inspiration wherever I go. 

Founding Detailed I Do's to me means no limits on my potential. It's about creating something I can be proud of every single day and that others can love and enjoy. It's about doing the work I am passionate about and loving on people. My life and business are intertwined in one big pretty bow and I wouldn't have it any other way! This is MY Why!

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